About Gesto Communications

Gesto Communications is one of the longest standing ITC companies in the Czech post-communist era with roots going back to late 1989. The company is strongly focused on networking, data security, wireless communications and audio/videoconferencing systems and has been assessed and found to be in conformity with the requirements of EN ISO 9001 : 2008. Gesto Communications makes Your communication easier, more effective and cheaper....

Videoconferencing – Gesto Communications has become the leading integrator of videoconferencing systems for government and major industries such as power utilities, financial institutions, and automotive companies. Being a Polycom partner since 1996, Gesto Communications has Polycom Gold Partner status and is very active in the field of unified communications. In addition to delivering products and services we also assist our partners with planning projects, implementation and after sales support throughout the country.

Wireless communications – Gesto Communications started wireless business as far back as 1991 when we carried out the first implementations of WiFi products in our territory. These were used for “Last Mile” access to the backbone networks. Later we partnered microwave vendors in hundreds of implementations with telco companies in the Czech Republic. Besides PTP links Gesto Communications also delivered and integrated PTMP pre WiMAX systems into the Ceske Radiokomunikace telecommunication network. This project later led into implementation of xDSL technologies in the networks of Ceske Radiokomunikace. Recently we have become distributors of PROXIM the leading manufacturer of PTP and PTMP technologies on open and coordinated frequencies.

xDSL – at the time ADSL hit the market in the Czech Republic Gesto Communications, together with Zhone Technologies from California, won contracts for the delivery and integration of Zhone highly integrated DSLAM products. Today the T-mobile Czech xDSL network is the second largest ADSL network in the country. Gesto Communications also distributes xDSL modems from the German manufacturer AVM Gmbh, a leading European producer of highly integrated and sophisticated products.

Data security – The company has in depth knowledge of data security dating back to 1996. Starting with CYLINK, later Safenet and presently Barracuda Networks content security products, we have carried out many projects involving highly sensitive data networks and security solutions around the country. Gesto Communications was nominated the best Barracuda Networks EMEA distributor in 2010. Content security products are migrating into “virtual” software for major virtual platforms. To complete our product portfolio for virtual environments we have become distributors for Data Robotics and their well known DROBO business line of data storage products.

Partners and territory – Gesto Communications sells, distributes and supports products and solutions through wide network of resellers and integrators on the territories of the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and Slovenia.

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